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Achyranthes aspera

Scientific Name: Achyranthes aspera
English Name: Prickly Chaff-flower.
Nepali Name: Datiwan
Sanskrit Name: Apamarga

achyranthhes aspera-apamarga
General Description:
An erect or subscandent annual herb up to 1m high It grows as wasteland herb every where. Stem is Angular, ribbed, thickened above the node, more or less densely hairy where leaves are Opposite, elliptic or obovate, form an acute or obtuse base, acuminate or rounded at apex. Fruits are Deflexed, congested near the apex. Utricle, oblong-cylindric fruits and reddish brown seeds are found. Flowering time-Sep to Dec.

Most parts of Nepal.

Useful Parts: All parts

Chemical Constituent: Plant yields achyranthine. Potash is found in ash.
Medicinal properties: According to Ayurveda, it is bitter, pungent, heating, laxative, stomachic, carminative and useful in treatment of vomiting, bronchitis, heart disease, lungs diseases, piles, itching & other skin disorders, abdominal pains, ascites, dyspepsia, dysentery, blood diseases, gallstone etc. It is also used as tonic.

Juice: 10-20 ml

Ayurvedic Preparation:
Apamarga Taila, Agnimukha etc.

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