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Constipation is a common digestive problem. It may be difficult for you to have a bowel movement, or your bowel movements may be infrequent. Your stools may be very hard, making them so difficult to pass that you have to strain. Or you may feel like you still need to have a bowel movement even after you've had one.Constipation if not treated properly leads to many diseases like cancer, arthritis, appendicitis. In ayurveda it is called as vibandh. 

• Unhealthy food habit like not taking green and fibrous vegetables leads to Constipation.
• Lack of salads and fruits in diet causes Constipation.
• Not drinking enough water.
• Taking stress, caffeine, tea, overeating heavy meals, no exercise are some other causes of Constipation.

Signs and Symptoms
• Irregular discharge of stools or infrequent evacuation of feces is the main symptom.
Depression, bad breath, insomnia, pimples, heart burns, acidity etc. are some other symptoms.

Home Remedies for Constipation
Constipation leads to improper functioning of colon and as a result there is improper bowel movements.
This entire natural home remedies are made up of herbs, fruits, vegetables so it does not have any side effects and they produces effective results. They improve functioning of colon and you get a clear bowel movement.

Drink a glass of water early in the morning after washing the face and mouth. It is better, if the water is kept overnight in a proper vessel. Or soak twenty to thirty black raisins in a glass of water at night and drink the water after adding juice and pulp of lemon to it. Some people are in the habit of taking bed tea for this purpose. The reflex action produced by bed tea is different from the one produced by the cold water. The latter only produces pressure, thus stimulating the intestines to start their movement for evacuation. Tea, being hot stimulates the intestines so strongly that its stimulating effect loses its significance after some days and the individual develops constipation apart from the diuretic action, which produces fluid loss thereby causing constipation. In case of vitiation of vaata, oily food should be taken. Adequate oil and ghee should he included to ensure lubrication of the colon. It is a better idea, if you can take a glass of worm milk at bedtime after adding grains of bran. Beans, dry grains, cabbage, family plants, mushrooms and other light or dry food should be avoided. Spices, which balance digestion asafoetida (Hingha), ginger, cardamom or fennel, should be taken with food to alleviate gas and promote the downward movement of vaata.

Natural herb like termnalia chebula (Harro / haritaki) is a stimulant that clears your bowel movements. They are very effective herb used in medicines and many people are availing its benefits in constipation relief.

Termnalia chebula or haritaki improves digestive tracts, normalize the functioning of colon. It not only prevents Constipation, but also helps in controlling hypertension, it normalizes blood pressure, keeps you young, detoxifies liver, improves digestion, and blood circulations.

Grapes too have laxative properties and they prevent chronic Constipation. Dry grape has its own medical properties and helps in preventing Constipation. Soak dry grapes in a vessel overnight and take this at early morning in an empty stomach.
Flax seed or linseed has a medical properties, it cures chronic Constipation. Take 3-4 seeds with plain water before your regular meals for constipation relief.

Take 2-3 seeds each of surya mukhi (sunflower), badaam (almonds), til (sesame) and linseed or flax seeds, grind it and make a thin powder. Eat this natural herbal homemade product (1 tablespoon) for a week either with fruit juice or salads. All your Constipation problems will be cured. This is one of the best home remedies for constipation.
Oranges are good for colons and it prevents Constipation. Take orange juice at anytime of the day and feel the difference that how far it clears your bowel system and refreshes you.
Fax seeds have laxative properties. In a glass of water add one tablespoon of flaxseed and allow it to rest for 2-3 hours. At night before sleep drink this flaxseed water. You will have a clear bowel the next day. This is one of the useful home remedies for constipation.
Vinegar extracted from apple and flaxseed paste also cures Constipation. Boil a glass of water containing flaxseed till it gets thick, and on cooling add half tablespoon apple extract vinegar, this mixture is ready to drink. You can drink this natural homemade herbal drink, which has no side effects, at early morning. It cures Constipation and is safe.
Tama (Copper) jugs are good for your kitchen. Drinking overnight kept water in cooper jugs cures Constipation problem.
Vegetable palungo (spinach) when taken in raw or cooked form has tremendous properties. It is helpful in clearing bowel system, digestive tracks, and many other diseases. Raw juice of spinach prevents and cures even the chronic Constipation.

Natural herb phyllium husk (isabgol) prevents Constipation. Take a glass of water and add one tablespoon of phyllium husk. Drink this liquid early in the morning in an empty stomach for constipation relief.
Ripe Aegle marmelos (bael fruit) has its own medical properties and is very good in taste. Its juice clears the bowel system. In the summer time its everyday use helps in treating Constipation.

Soak dry figs in the water and keep it overnight then take this early in the morning. It prevents Constipation.
Take a glass of milk at night before sleep as it is effective in curing Constipation.
The best evacuant is castor oil (oil extracted from Ricinus communis, aader,aranda). Castor oil is not only useful for bowel evacuation but also has therapeutic and curative values. All other purgatives produce roughness while castor oil produces unctuousness (snigdhata). The castor oil used should be purified and diluted. Castor oil prepared through ghani or indigenous expeller is found better than the present market preparation. 20-30ml of this oil is to be taken with warm milk. The Ayurveda physicians for the treatment of chronic constipation very popularly use Triphala powder. It contains three drugs namely harro, barro and amla. Of these three drugs, harro alone works as a purgative. But while manifesting its action, it produces certain adverse effects like gripping pain and wind formation in the stomach. To avoid these adverse effects and to make it more useful as a tonic, the remaining two drugs are added. Triphala powder is used in two different ways. One or two teaspoonful of this powder is mixed with a cup of milk and some sugar is added to it. It is to be taken at bedtime and its purgative effect is manifested early morning. For those having chronic constipation and simultaneously a costive bowl, the powder alone does not help. It is to be taken as a decoction prepared by boiling 20 gm of the powder in 16 times of water and reducing it to one-fourth. The powder is to be filtered and the liquid is taken. Since it is strong, two to four teaspoonfuls of honey may be added to it, if needed.
There are other medicines, which help eliminate chronic constipation by straightening the intestinal valves and their functions. One such drug is known as Agastya rasaayan. Two spoonfuls of this drug should be taken regularly, twice a day, along with any hot drink of choice. Other drugs include pancha sakaara churna, Abhayaadi modaka, Madhu yashyaadi choorna etc. This should be taken under medical supervision only.

- In cases of severe constipation, Ayurveda detoxification procedures like Vasthi karma (enema therapy), Virechana karma (purgation therapy), Udvartana massage therapy (to strengthen the abdominal organs) are recommended.
- As constipation is a habit, the overcoming of it must become a habit too. One dose not feel urge for it. It should be a part of our daily routine.
- Deficient mastication is unquestionably one of the most important causes of constipation. The digestive process cannot be carried out properly when the stomach and the small intestines are called upon to do the triturating and macerating, ordinarily done in the mouth.
- Physical exercises are must.
- Cut down your mental worries and anxieties. Avoid over exposure to severe heat or wind.
- Sukhavirechana vati, ½ to 1 tablet with warm milk at bedtime. is an effective remedy for constipation. Dry ginger powder along with senna leaves powder in equal quantities taken with a cup of lukewarm water at night can help in easy passage of stools.

Patent Ayurvedic Drugs for Constipation
RECHAK CAPSULE (Gorkha Ayurved Company)
Doses & administration : Two capsules at bed time. In habitual and chronic constipation case, the treatment can be prolonged.  To be taken orally with water.
TRIFALA CHURNA (Gorkha Ayurved Company)
Doses & administration : 1-2 teaspoonful for adults. To be taken at bed time with a glass of lukewarm water.

Yogic exercises
Yoga helps you in getting rid of Constipation. There are various yogic postures or asanas like Suryanamskara, Ardhamatsyendrasana, Makarasana, trikonasana, bhujanghasana, Pawanmuktasana, which are beneficial for maintaining good bowel movements, prevents gas formation, helps in digestion, helpful in easy stool passage. Do yoga everyday and live a healthy and disease free life.

Foods rich in fiber
• Unprocessed wheat bran
• Unrefined breakfast cereals
• Whole-grain bread and brown rice
• Fresh fruits
• Dried fruits (such as prunes, apricots and figs)
• Vegetables
• Beans (such as navy, kidney and pinto beans)

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