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Apr 29

Yoga for good sex

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It's long been known that yoga is good for your body. But is it good for your sex life? Definitely it is. Read more to explore it...

Yoga is not just about the beautiful bodies of diehard yogis and yoginis, although fitness is definitely one of the major payoffs, yoga is a path to that illusive center we are all seeking...it's a path to inner peace. And that is not all. It also enhances your body to perform good sex. Isn't that quite amazing?

Maintaining and increasing the flexibility of the pelvic muscles, is as important as strengthening your pelvic region. Any muscle is more effective when its range of movement is higher and it is in a relaxed state. The pelvic region is an area which tends to tighten up with the high stress levels of modern day life. Stretching these muscles will help increase the range of movement in this area. It will also bring you to a more relaxed state so that your sexual performance improves, as a tense individual has a tendency towards premature ejaculation.

Do you believe yoga is about twisting your body into good positions for sex? No. Yoga is really about what's happening in your mind, not your body when you make love. Like all other issues, Yoga's view of sex is also that of adherence to the middle path. It has been proved beyond doubt that a fulfilling sexual life is necessary to lead a happy life. Yoga considers sex to be a natural function, very helpful in a loving relationship and, of course, indispensable for the continuation of the human race on the earth. Yoga has a clear cut demarcation; do not indulge in too much of sex as it may diminish the force and pace of life.


&13;According to Yoga, the sexual secretions contain the seeds of life, concentrated life force and nutrients. Once depletion in life force takes place, the vitality level and resistance to diseases will tend to diminish. In addition to this, Yoga helps in having controlled and joyful sexual life. Through different Yoga poses one can learn to control sexual activities. A complete branch of Yoga, called Kundalini Yoga, deals with harnessing the sexual power. Yoga enables one to get into meaningful relationships and enjoy sex.

If the mind and body are not in optimum health, an individual can not have fulfilling sexual life. Yoga asanas and breathing exercises provide help in obtaining the optimum health state. The healing power of Yoga is so strong that people who are physiologically weak and to some extent or fully impotent may get back potency as they regain their physical health through Yoga. There are many individuals who approach sexual matters with a nervous mind. Such people are helped greatly from Yogic exercises and breathing practices.

Yoga relaxes the mind as well as the body. Remaining relaxed is perhaps one of the most essential preconditions for a harmonious sex life. If one is in a worried state of mind, he/she is left dissatisfied and irritated. This may prove a stumbling block in a healthy sexual life and relationship. Yoga has provided great relief to numerous concerned individuals on many occasions. It has been confirmed by the wives of many men that after taking to Yoga their sexual life and marital relationship underwent notable changes.

The philosophy behind the initiative is that Yoga will help sex workers stay mentally and physically fit, and reduce the exhaustion that can result from seeing clients. Sex can cause vaginal pain and emotional stress and yoga will help sex workers enjoy acts that ordinarily are mundane or unpleasant. Yoga has already effectively been used to enhance flexibility and stamina, enhance sexual pleasure and reduce sexual dysfunctions. It has also been used in other health programmes to increase physical and mental well being. Spirituality has also had a long history of being linked to sex work. So Yoga has an important part to play in the well being of the sex workers, which is again quite a new and innovative thinking and contribution in the world of yoga. So yoga with its all-pervasive effects can prove to be beneficial for a couple in making love.

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