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Dec 03

World Ayurveda Congress in Bangalore from December 9

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About 4th World Ayurveda Congress and AROGYA Expo

With the 4th edition of the World Ayurveda Congress and Arogya Expo, scheduled to be convened in Palace Grounds, Bengaluru from 9 to 13 December 2010, they expect to consolidate the momentum of this forum and provide a robust boost to the growing global popularity of Ayurveda and associated fields. With nearly half a million visitors and about 5000 delegates expected to be in attendance this year, the Congress is reinforcing its identity as a global summit that brings together diverse stakeholders of Ayurveda on to a common, meaningful, and popular platform. In the associated expo, Arogya 2010, the spotlight this year will be on traditional and tribal knowledge in health-care systems from India’s rural and tribal communities, with special focus on north-eastern states.


Plenary and parallel sessions

    * Focused skill development workshops
    * Home theme pavilion
    * Special focus seminars
    * Buyer–Seller Meet
    * International Cooperation Meet
    * Invited public lectures
    * Students’ interaction forum
    * Banquet for international guests
    * Cultural programmes

Academic Sessions of the Congress
The academic sessions of the Congress are structured in such a way that the plenary sessions will take on the evolution of various concepts and the parallel sessions emerging from the plenary topics. The plenary and corresponding parallel sessions will be conducted on the same dates. Listed below are the themes identified for the plenary sessions this year.

1. Ayurveda for All
2. Public Health
3. Ayurveda Research and Education
4. Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
5. Food and Nutrition in Ayurveda
6. Ayurveda Medicine for Animals and Plants

The plenaries will be addressed by the most eminent scientists, academicians, policy makers or Ayurveda practitioners (clinicians).

The 4th WAC shall showcase as to how Ayurveda can provide safe, cost-efficient, and effective health care for all, especially in the following important areas.

• Food and Nutrition (including Water)
• Self Reliance in Primary Health Care
• Mother and Child Care
• Prevention
• Ayurvedic Management of Chronic Lifestyle Diseases
• Veterinary and Plant Medicine
• Ageing
• Ethics and Moral Values

Source: https://www.ayurworld.org/about-4th-wac.html

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