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Apr 29

The Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is mainly focus on general well-being and holistic approach to create new lifestyle, way of thinking, and way of being in the world. In the process, however, it is also found to bring a myriad of healing effects.

yoga helps to enjoy better sleep, a happier disposition, a clearer and calmer mind. it teaches how to build up health and protect against colds, fevers, constipation, headaches, fatigue, and other troubles. Moreover, it helps to remain youthful, vital and alert, regardless of calendar-age; how to lose or gain weight; how to get rid of premature wrinkles, and keep a smooth skin and clear complexion."

Healing Effects of Yoga:

Yoga has been used for disorders such as:
*  Acid Stomach
*  Addictions,
*  Asthma:
*  Backache
*  Bronchitis
*  Cancer,
*  Cold
*  Constipation
*  Depression
*  Diabetes (not a cure!)
*  Emphysema
*  Eyestrain
*  Flatulence
*  Headache
*  Heart Disorders,
*  Hypertension (High Blood Pressure),
*  Indigestion
*  Insomnia
*  Menstrual disorders
*  Migraines,
*  Neurasthenia
*  Obesity
*  Premenstrual Tension,
*  Prostate troubles
*  Rheumatism
*  Sciatica
*  Sexual debility
*  Sinus
*  Skin diseases
*  Sore throat
*  Stress And Tension
*  Wrinkles

Yoga is being assessed for its potential in treating illnesses such as:
*  Multiple Sclerosis,
*  Cerebral Palsy,
*  Osteoporosis,
*  Rheumatoid Arthritis And
*  Depression Experienced After Childbirth.

Studies have shown that yoga can allow people to control a wide range of body functions, including
*  Blood pressure
*  Body temperature
*  Brain waves (as measured by EEG)
*  Heart rate
*  Metabolic rate
*  Respiratory function
*  skin resistance

Studies show that people who practice yoga have:
*  Reduced anxiety,
*  Are more resistant to stress, and
*  Have lower blood pressure,
*  More efficient heart function,
*  Better respiratory function, and
*  Improved physical fitness.

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