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Apr 29

Curcumin May Delay The Liver Damage

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Curcumin found in Turmeric is the key ingredient responsible for delaying liver damage. Curcumin renders the spice its bright yellow colour. In order to study Curcumin's role in delaying liver damage, the Austrian research team incorporated Turmeric in the diet of mice.

The mice were chemically induced with liver damage and fibrosis. For four and a half months, scientists observed the effects of curcumin on the mice with chronic liver inflammation before and after intake of diet enriched with Curcumin.

When scientists compared the tissue and blood sample results of these mice with those fed with a diet sans curcumin they found positive indications. Not only did the curcumin diet reduced bile duct blockage but also put a brake on liver cell (hepatocyte) damage and scarring (fibrosis). The mice fed with a normal diet did not show such results. "Targeting these pathways may be a promising therapeutic approach," say the authors, led by Michael Trauner.

The research on Turmeric and its liver related effects is still in a preliminary stage. The findings of this study led by Michael Trauner may well lead to a development of a new liver drug. Michael Trauner works at the Gastroenterology and Hepatology division at the Medical University Graz in Austria.

The goodness of Turmeric has been hailed since long by practitioners of Ayurveda.With this as one more added benefit of Turmeric, the value of the spice even goes higher! Not only is Turmeric a natural product but is also easy to use in day to day lives. Chronic cholangiopathies have no known effective treatments and in most cases liver transplant is the only option. In view of such complications, Turmeric and its benefits are indeed a boon.

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