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Messua ferrea

Name: Cobra's Saffron
Biological Name: Mesua ferrea, Mesua Roxburghii, Mesua coromandalina

Other Names: Cobra's Saffron, Nagakesara, Nagkeshar, Cobra Saffron, Nagachempakam, Nagakesara, Nangu

This herb is found in Nepal.

mesua ferrea

Parts Used: Flower buds, flowers, fruit, seed, root, bark, oil

Medicinal Applications
Bark-aromatic, sudorific, tonic
Oleo-resin from bark: aromatic, demulcent
Blossoms (fresh) -stomachic, bitter, aromatic, sudorific
Blossoms (dried) -stomachic, stimulant, carminative
Root-aromatic, sudorific, tonic
Unripe fruit - aromatic, acrid, purgative

Therapeutic Uses:
The leaves are applied to the head in the form of a poultice for severe colds. Oil from the seeds is used for sores, scabies, wounds, and rheumatism. The root of this herb is often used as an antidote for snake poison. The dried flowers are used for bleeding hemorrhoids and dysentery with mucus. Fresh flowers are also prescribed for excessive thirst, excessive perspiration, cough, and for indigestion.


No information about the safety of this herb is available.
Use caution. Ayurvedic herbs are often taken in combination to neutralize the toxicity one herb with the opposing effect of other. Do not take except under the supervision of a qualified professional.

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