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Cinchona Officinalis

Botanical Name : Cinchona officinalis
Common Name:  Quinine, Cinchona

It is an evergreen tree of 20-30 foot in height. Stem round, long, dusty bark, black and patches in outer surface whereas yellowish in inner surface. Leaves are reddish, flowers rosy color and fruit oval and slightly rectangular.

: It is originated from South America. Later, it was emigrated to east.

Part Used :
Quinine Isolated From Bark

More than 20 components are isolated from its bark. They are Quinine, cinchonine, quinidine, cinchonidine, quinic acid, cincofulvic acid, cincho-tannic acid and a glucoside a-quinovin.

Medicinal plroperteis:
Quinine is Bitter, Astringent, Acrid, Thermogenic, Febrifugre, Oxytoxic and Anodyne. It is digestive, antipyretic, cardiotonic, dystocia, eumbago etc.

Bark powder: 1-2 gm
Extraction: 125-500 ml.

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