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Chakra= ring shaped, wheel shaped; body is tried to make like a wheel.

1.    Lie down on your back and fold the knees. The heels should be near the hips.
2.    Take both the hands on the back side and keep them at the back of the shoulders spread apart, this will maintain the balance.
3.    Inhale and raise the hips and chest upwards.
4.    Slowly try to bring the hands and legs nearer; in a manner by which the body takes the shape of a wheel.
5.    While leaving the aasana, relax the body and rest the waist on the ground. Repeat this 3 to 4 times.


1.    It makes the spinal cord flexible and stops ageing. It activates the stomach and the intestines.
2.    It activates the body, gives energy and increases agility.
3.    It is especially beneficial for hip pain, respiratory diseases, headache and eye problems, cervical and spondylitis.
4.    It strengthens the muscles of hands and legs.
5.    In women it cures the problems related to uterus.


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