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Boerhavia diffusa

Name: Red Hogweed
Biological Name: Boerhavia diffusa, Boerhavia procumbens, Boerhavia repens

Other Names: Red Hogweed, Spreading Hogweed,  Punarvava, Raktpunarnava (red), Punnare Jhar (Nepali)

 This is one of the prized ayurvedic herbs.
It contains an alkaloid punarnavine. The herb is a diuretic that acts on the glomeruli of the kidney through increasing the heart-beats and strengthening and raising the blood pressure as a result.
boerhavia diffusa
Parts Used: Herb, root

Medicinal Applications

bitter, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, laxative,  rejuvenative, stomachic
Root- anthelmintic, febrifuge, purgative

Therapeutic Uses:

chronic alcoholism, asthma, edema, eye diseases, heart disease, hemorrhoids, insomnia, jaundice, kidney stones, urethritis, Aanemia, cough, intestinal colic, kidney disorders

The decoction of the root is taken as a remedy in rheumatism, impure blood, cough, asthma, hernia, dropsy, chest-pain, piles, and swellings. It is also used for gonorrhea, and internal inflammations.


Juice, decoction, infusion, powder, paste, oil, sugar water, or honey paste


No information about the safety of this herb is available.
Use caution. Ayurvedic herbs are often taken in combination with others to neutralize the toxicity one herb with the opposing effect of other. Do not take except under the supervision of a qualified professional.

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