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Ocimum basilicum

Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum
English Name: Sweat Basil
Nepali Name: Babari
Sanskrit Name: Barbari

Basil grows in any well-drained, fairly rich soil, and full sun. It can be grown throughout Nepal. It is an annual, which reaches 8-18 inch tall. Leaves are 1-3 inch long, toothed and fragrant. Flowers are very in color, white or purple or red. Flowers appear from June to September. Seed, black in color, oval or rectangular.
ocimum basilicum
It grows in tropical and sub-tropical region.

Parts used: root, leaf and seed.

It contains one aromatic and yellowish green oil which changes in a short time alum color, called basil-comphor.

Medicinal properties:
This herb is bets of the treatment of stomach cramps, vomiting, fevers, colds, flu, headaches, whooping cough, and menstrual pains. Furthermore, it reduces stomach acid and contributes to the cure of ulcers. To withdraw poison of insect bite from the body this herb is used externally. The herb is known for eliminating worms from the intestines and when applied in oil form to treat skin acne. It has been used in remedies of arthritis, gout, and to treat skin abrasions. The essential oil is used in aromatherapy to aid mental clarity and to calm the nerves. Pregnant women should not use basil or the essential oil of basil.

Infusion: 50-100ml
Seed powder: 1-3 gm.

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