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1.    Sit straight with legs stretched in front of you.
2.    Keep your spine erect and breathe normally.
3.    Bend your right knee and put the right foot near the left, with the knee facing upward.
4.    Next, keep the left leg stretched. Twist your upper body towards the right.
5.    Put your right palm near the right butt, fingers facing backward and the left palm placed near the right foot.
6.    Look above your shoulders, that is, twist your head towards the right.
7.    Be in the same position for at least 30 counts.
8.    Release the posture slowly, and repeat on the other side.

bakrasan bakrasan bakrasan

Regular practice of this asana helps to reduce the belly.
Bakrasana also eases acidity problem.


This should not be practiced by those suffering from high blood pressure, knee injury, diarrhoea.

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