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Bajrasana (Heady Pose)



It is one of the major meditative asana. It is the only asana that can be performed right after having meals. The posture here resembles with the posture of ‘Namaz’ performed daily by Muslims. The practice of Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana can be performed sitting in Bajrasana along with Yonimudra. It can be performed for 5 minutes after meals.

1. Bend your legs and sit on your knees by placing your heels under your hips.
2. The heels should be open but the toes should be joined and the feet would be all on the ground.
3. Now make your spine straight, place your hands on your knees while keeping the arms straight.
4. You can sit in this posture at any time of the day even after eating your food or after traveling a long distance.
5. This will give rest to your tired legs. You can practice it while reading also.
6. This asana is as useful as it easy.

i.    The food is digested easily and maintains good appetite.
ii.    It helps in concentration of mind.
iii.    It helps in the blood circulation in abdominal region.
iv.    It is useful in heart diseases, back pain and knee pain.
v.    It is also a useful asana for bramacharya.
vi.    It helps in Kundalini Jagarana.

i.    If stayed in this posture for a long time, there may be the chance of perineal nerve paralysis.
ii.    The person with low blood pressure is not suggested to perform this asana for a long time.

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