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Metal Therapy

Minerals and Metallic medicine in Ayurveda
Since Vedic time, many types of minerals and metals are being used in curing different types of diseases. However almost metals and minerals are poisonous when they are used directly and in unpurified forms. So these are purified first and than, used as medicine. These are more effective than kasta-aushadhi (that are prepared from plant origin) and are used in a very minute amount.

These are passed through extensive processing before they are declared fit for internal use. The metals, gems and minerals are first purified and then burnt several times and converted to ‘bhasm’ (ash). Making Bhasma is the process in which metals after purifications are reduced to their oxide or sulphide form. Each time before burning, the metallic powders are processed with fresh herb juices to neutralize their toxicity. Some of the metals are burnt up to one hundred times to make sure the heaviness or toxic effect of the metal is nullified. Once the ‘bhasm’ is ready it is tested for toxicity. One of the numerous tests a “bhasm” has to pass through is called ‘varitar’ which means the ‘bhasm’, once ready for internal use, floats on water indicating non-existence of heavy metal in it. Other scientific methods are now available to test ‘bhasma’ Such as-AAS, TLC, Alamboori test, Bio-Assay etc. The ‘bhasms’ are then transformed to compound formulas by mixing herbal powders. Special herbal juices are used for processing the compound formula. According to Ayurveda, these are non-toxic organo-metallic compounds and considered to be safe for internal use.

It has been noted that metallic medicines can help patients who have tried all other medical system and have lost all hopes to recover. That is why they are sometimes called as ‘life saving’ or ‘miracle’ medicines. But there can be complications and adverse effects of these medicines too, especially when these metallic medicines are sold through grocery stores or prescribed by unqualified manpower. The Ayurvedic metallic medicines should always be taken under the guidance of an expert. Ayurveda is a complete medical system and has well developed systems of diagnosis and treatments. It is not limited to home remedies, diets, oil massage or fasting.

Minerals and Metals that are used in Medicine are:
Gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead and zinc

Other minerals and Metals
Kampillk (Mallotus)
Gauri-pashan (white Arsenic)
Nabasadar (Ammonium chloride)
Baratica (coveries)
Agnijar ( Amber)
Giri-sindur ( red oxide of mercury)
Hingul (Cinnabar)
Mridara-sringa (Led oxide)
Gandhaka (sulphur)
Gaireka (ochre)
Kasesa (ferrous sulphate)
Sphatic (Alum)
Harital (Yellow arsenic)
Nepalica (Arsenic disulphide)
Anjan (Collirium)
Kankustha (Camboj
Abhrak (Mica)
Baikranta (Tourmaline)
Makshika (copper pyrite)
Bimal (Iron pyrite)
Shilajit (Black Bitumen)
Sasyaka (Copper sulphate)
Chapal (Bismuth and Selinium)
Karpar (Calamine)


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