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Ayurvedic Home Remedies


Course Contains:

Basic concept of Ayurveda

Basic principles of Ayurveda pharmacology; Rasa, Guna, Virya, Bipak, Pravaba and karma

Home remedies for Gastro-intestinal system; Indigestion, Gastritis, Constipation, Diarrhea

Herbs for curing Diabetes and Heart diseases

Home remedies for Respiratory problems

Herbs for kidney and liver diseases

Home remedies for hair, skin and eye problems

Herbs for male and female sexual problems


Course Availability: Any time of the year at the convenience of the student.

Eligibility: No prior Ayurvedic knowledge required.

Duration: 24 hours (4 to 12 days with favorable time of participants)

Course Fee: $150, NRs 5000 (for Nepalese)


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Training Information

Organizer: Ayurnepal Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Ayur Polyclinic and Nature Care Hospital

Program Coordinators:

Dr Raja Ram Dhungana, Medical Coordinator, Ayur Polyclinic

Dr Suira Joshi, Medical Officer, Ayur Polyclinic

Resource Persons:

Dr Rajendra Giri, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Ministry of Health

Dr Dinesh Gyanwali, Medical Officer, Central Ayurveda Hospital, Naradevi

Dr Harisharan Aryal, Deputy Director, Nature Care Hospital

Dr Janak Aryal, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Patanjali Ayurveda

Dr Pratima Acharya, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Patanjali Ayurveda

Dr Padma Bajracharya, Panchkarma specialist

Dr Sapan Shakya, Medical Officer, Ayurveda Health Home

Dr Yadav Gurung, Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Narendra Giri, Ayurveda Doctor

Dr Mahesh Khanal, Medical Officer

Dr Sarita Bajagain, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Patangali Ayurveda

Dr Barsha Hada, Ayurveda Medical Officer, Kundalini Hospital

Dr Niru Prajapati, Ayurveda Medical Officer, patanjali Ayurveda

Dr Nirmala Suwal, Ayurveda Doctor

Mr Sury k Shrestha, Director, Dekha Herbals


[email protected]

Ph: 977-1-5529956, 9779841077291 (Mobile)