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Diseases and Remedies

Different diseases on Ayurveda, their Remedies and self cure.

Home Remedies

Simple remedies, dietary measures without exposing to the dangerous side-effects and reactions of potent drugs.

Sex & Ayurveda

Sex has always been an issue of dichotomy. An integral part of our lives and essential for the continuation...

Beauty Tips

A complete Ayurveda approach to treat your skin, eye, hair, lip at home & some tips for natural beauty.

Herbs that Cure

Herbs have long held an important place in the
treatment of ailments....

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga rejuvenates the body & soul, enhances concentration, cures diseases and keeps a hold on the aging process...

Doctors' Profile

Detailed information of Nepal’s renowned ayurveda doctors; profile, experience, contact

Ayurveda Hospital & Spa

Detailed information about national and international Ayurveda Hospitals, treatment centers and Spas

Diet & Nutrition

Ayurvedic concepts of Diets, Diet according to Prakriti, Somatic Doshas, Season; Natural diets and their nutritive values..


Ayurveda Medicine

The compendium of classical ayurveda medicine and New Ayurveda Drugs; a blender of traditional knowledge with modern technology and principles.

Sex and Ayurveda

Sex in Ayurveda, Natural and Herbal Aphrodisiacs for men and Women; Sex related problems and their management..

Ayurveda Blog

Feminine Zone

Oral hygiene; Eye, Skin and Hair Care; Beauty tips; Female related problems and their ayurvedic management..

Ayurnepal Videos

Collection of best yoga, pranayam, Panchkarma and ayurveda videos, ayurveda news; learn step by step yoga...