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Ayur Expo - 2009


Date: Badra 12-14 (August 28-30)
Time: 11 am-5pm
Venue: Ayurveda Campus, Kritipur
Entrance: Free

Expo Overview

The quest for the good nealth has been going on incessantly for ages. Exploring every avenue in search of health, Ayurveda is held in veneration since antiquity. According to WHO. more than 60% of people in this world are still relaying on Ayurveda and other herbal and traditional medicines for their health purposes. In Nepal, more than 80% people are using Ayurveda and the data is still air rocketing. Furthermore, its scopes and importance are rapidly increasing all over the world due to its safety major, efficacy, easily availability and affordability etc.
In spite of its invincible acclamation, there are many hindrances .viz. mutual misconceptions, lack of promotion, an immense dominance by others etc. Ruin of such obstacles is the utmost need to be exposed. It is therefore necessary if there may be any marked outcome from Ayurveda, it has to be highlighted.

The students are getting ready for the exhibition through the Nepal Ayurveda Medical Students Society (NAMSS) to make rapid strides with the name of "Ayur Expo 2009". However. it needs a tremendous support from all related sectors. So, we are submitting the proposal with details for your humble support. This proposal is a herald of exhibition.

1. To Promote Ayurveda by introducing Various Ayurveda industries, companies, NGOs, INGOs, Hospitals EC Research 'centers and Institutes.
2. To increase awareness about the medicinal plants conservation, their sustainable use, Medical and Economical importance by collecting such medicinal herbs on Expo.
3. To create an interactive environment for the society to observe, discuss and understand various aspects and issues of Ayurveda i.e. medicinal value, yoga, Panchakarma, conservation of herbs and its contribution to National economy etc.
4. To contribute on correction of peoples' attitude towards Ayurveda.
5. To encourage the use of herbal products.
6. Provide a token of health services to people via an effective free health camp facilitated by experts of Ayurveda.
7. To provide such platform to different industries, NGOs, INGOs of Ayurveda and other related sectors where they can obtain maximum level of impression from public and can establish good relationship.

• Interactive activity for the society:
Create an interactive environment for Nepali society to observe, discuss and understand various aspect and issues of Ayurveda i.e. medicinal value, yoga, Panchakarma, conservation of herbs and its contribution to National economy etc.
• Stall of different organizations and firms:
With emphasis on more and quality interaction, different organizations and firms those of different Pharmaceuticals, Industries, NGOs, INGOS etc, will be invited in exhibition. The allocation of stall will be carefully arranged to intertink and increase the impact of interaction and observation. For the decoration of the stall some standard will be developed and provided to organizations and firms for maintaining a level of standard and effectiveness.
• Video documentaries and Paper Presentation:
Video documentaries and Paper presentation is also a part of our exhibition. Documentaries includes different process of Ayurveda medicine preparation, Avurveda treatment, Jadibuti. best examples of Ayurveda, traditional practices, conservation and collection of Jadibuti etc.
• Medicinal plants and herbarium display:
It is obvious that direct observation of unique medicinal plants is more effective than showing its virtual forms. To subdue it, display of medicinal plants and herbarium is planned. This is one of the emphasized programs because it helps to recognize the medicinal plants.
• Books and other recent developed research journals reflecting bright future of Ayurveda:
A separate space for book exhibition will be designed where useful Ayurveda books, perhaps, precious books will be displayed. On the other hand, efforts will be made to collect and display research journals and recent developed materials of Ayurveda.
• Display of materials regarding traditional practitioners of Ayurveda:
The traditional practitioners of Ayurveda are serving this field from time unknown. Their way of preparing hand-made drugs, refining of herbs and minerals reflects the glorious history of Ayurveda. So, for their conservation and encouragement few stalls will be allocated for some popular traditional practitioners of Ayurveda.
Herbal products display:
Day by day, different natural herbal products are on the way of popularity. Especially, the herbal cosmetic products and herbal massage oils etc. are of great importance. Considering this fact, such companies will be encouraged to participate in the temptation to the visitors.
• Provide a token of health services to people via an effective free health Camp An effective free health camp will be organized within the exhibition by renowned doctors of Ayurveda. The health camp will have four departments viz. General, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Surgery, each department facilitated by two doctors. Besides this, with support from various organizations, some handy guidebooks of Ayurveda will also be distributed.
Badra 12-14 (August 28-30)
11 am-5pm
About Venue
Kirtipur is an historic city located in the western region of the Kathmandu valley predominated by the Newar Community.
Educational Status
The country's prestigious Tribhuvan University Central Campus is located in the Kirtipur the Masters Level education is conducted. Undoubtly this locality is the proliferic educated and at the same time all the students of 75 district of the country ultimately represent the Nation wide representation.
Not only the above, there are a number of schools and campuses running +2 and even higher education.
Ultimately visit of these intellect groups is the appropriate means of flourishing and promoting Ayurveda in its ultimate level.
Central Ayurveda Campus and its related Hospital (TUATH)Tribhuvan University Ayurveda Teaching Hospital itself is located in Kirtipur. So, it is the most appropriate and
reliable location for the exhibition of the Ayurveda Status and its current status in the modern world.
In the mean time Ayurveda Research Center is under construction. So, it all represents the overall information of Ayurveda to the whole nation.

Kirtipur is easily assessable place. Roads from the centre of the city are directly linked to the Kirtipur. Local buses, micro buses are available to access.

Organizing Committee
The Executive committee of NAMSS is heading this event with the help of all general members. To assure the implementation of plan, different sub committees have been formed with an Advisory board of Ayurveda experts. The decision taken by the Executive Committee is final in any agenda and issues.
Advisory Committee
• Prof.Dr. D.B.Roka, Campus Chief, Ayurveda Campus, 10M, TU
• Dr. Thakur Raj Adhikari, Director-Department of Ayurveda,
• Dr. Khil Raj Adhikari, Director- Central Ayurveda Hospital, Naradevi
• Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala, President- Ayurveda Doctors Association Nepal (ADAN)
• Prof.Dr. Chandra Raj Sapkota, President- Teachers' association, Ayurveda Campus, 10M
• Dr. Munkarna Thapa, Founder member of NAMSS
• Mr.Surendra Ray, President- Free Students Union (FSU), Ayurveda Campus,IOM,TU

Targeted People
• General Public
• General Students
• People related to Ayurveda, Medicinal plants, Alternative, Traditional Et indigenous medicine, biodiversity etc.
• NGOs, INGOs, stakeholders, government agencies and national planners.
• National and International companies, Industries and suppliers.
• Hospitals, clinics and research centers.
• Foreigners etc.
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