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Euphorbia hirta

Scientific Name: Euphorbia hirta
Common Name: asthma weed
Nepali Name: Dudhi
Sanskrit Name: Dugudhika

Description: A small perennial herb with milky latex in all parts of the plant. Stems hairy, leaves small, opposie, elliptic-oblong or oblong lanceolate, fruits small, seeds smoth and blue colored.

Parts used: Whole plant

Alkaloid, essential oil, phenols, sterol, flavones and fatty acids.

Anthelmintic, expectorant, antidysenteric, hypoglycemic.

Medicinal uses:
In Dysentery, worms, amoebic dysentery,
Syphilis, bowel complaints, cough etc.
-Decoction of the plant is given in bronchial affections and asthma.
Latex of the plant is used as application for warts.

Forms of uses:
Decoction, infusion, paste and juice.

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