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A Grand Ayurveda Research Project Begins

By Mr. Shiva Ram Khatiwada/ Mr. Shree Ram Phuyal
MOH Giri Raj Mani Pokharel and Chinese Ambessador to Nepal His Excellency Mr. Zheng Xianglin  laid the foundation stone for the construction of Ayurveda Research and Training Centre on 22 Feb 2009 amidst a program here in Kirtipur, the site of construction.  The centre will function under the Department of Ayurveda. It  consists a 25 bed hospital too.
Speaking at the program MD of Dept of Ayurveda Dr. Thakur Raj Adhikari reminded the bilateral activities of the traditional Chinese and Nepalese physicians. ‘It was a great achievement for training and research’, he said.  He remembered his visit to the Chinese research centers and the fact that most of the Chinese and Nepalese herbs are similar. Many personalities related with Ayurveda were present at the function. Dr. Dirgha Singh Bom  chaired the program while Dr. Harischandra Shah was the MC.

Important Remarks made in the function?
Dr. Thakur Raj Adhikari,
MD - Department of Ayurveda

The centre will endeavor to make people know the herbs better, use them and develop their health and economy. It will train more people who will know how to keep people healthy by using natural resources. Works will be done to test Ayurvedic medicines and develop their quality and to identify new potential of the herbs. Thus the result will be that  people live better, happier and safer in the days to come. This is the largest assistance for the first time ever known in Ayurveda sector in Nepal.

His Excellency Mr. Zheng Xianglin,
Chinese Ambessador to Nepal

China likes to grow together with neighbors. This is the third project China worked out in Nepal in Health Sector, 1st Bharatpur Cancer Hospital, 2nd Civil Servants’ Hospital and 3rd one to be this. Research and training in Ayurveda is necessary to ensure health for all, to achieve Millennium Development Goal. Ayurveda is similar to Chinese medicine in several ways. China will continue cooperating with Nepalese people. This work will be finished within 18 months, 2 months earlier than the already fixed deadline, and will be handed to the Department of Ayurveda.

Dr. Alexander, 
WHO Representative

This is the historic day. This center marks the reincarnation of Ayurveda. Actually Ayurveda originated in Nepal and then it expanded to India and China. Ancient knowledge is very much helpful to cope with many serious conditions,  is the source of the present knowledge, it’s reliable and cheapest health service to the people. Some people consider eastern knowledge to be unscientific. But many ancient ideas have proven powerful in controlling many diseases, like Chinese use Artemisin against malaria, it works effectively. Lots of thanks to China for its grand support, as china provided such grand building. WHO will provide technical and human resources assistance further for the running of the institution.

Dr. Dirga Singh Bom,
secretary of MOH

China has made great contribution in the development of Nepalese health sector. The Bharatpur Cancer hospital is one of the best centers here in South Asia. Civil Hospital has just started to function. And this project is bound to bring great changes in the health and economy of the people. After the Center starts to function, many drugs will come in user friendly way. Many people will get benefit of many important and rare herbs in Nepal. Qualified and trained man power will be produced to serve people in each and every level. Knowledge will further be simplified so that anyone can be benefited. Government will utilize all sorts of medical system for the health care service to people. People have right to use whichever system of treatment they like. Ministry will leave no stone unturned to take the project to the top.

Giriraj Mani Pokhrel,
Minister for Health

The people have made our country a republic after revolution. Government has to face the challenges to fulfill the responsibilities to the ‘health rights’ of the people as a mandate of the revolution. Recently government has made primary health and delivery services free. Still many changes are to be made in the government health service centers, like -infrastructures, health personnel, constant supply of drugs etc. For such works we have to foreign assistance.  China’s help, cooperation is highly appreciable. Now we have to do two works: (1) providing Ancient knowledge to new generation, and (2) research and discovery of new facts/knowledge. Many health workers will be trained and people will learn to benefit from their natural talent e.g. herbs after the center begins to function. Ayurveda is our own system of Medicine, our legacy; it has contributed to the society since time immemorial. Many thanks to China, her people and Ambassador to Nepal!
Source: Ayur-Info
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