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1 Efficacy of “Piles Cure” in Piles
2 Concept of Jatharagni/Bhutagni/Dhatwagni in Ayurveda
3 Indigenous medical knowledge for intellectual property rights
4 Present Situation of Ayurveda in Srilanka.
5 Campaign to save Herbal Medicine is launched
6 Alternative medicine is becoming mainstream
7 Traditional Medicine in Myanmar
8 The traditional medicine may find its rightful place
9 Ayur Expo - 2009
10 Ayurvedic medicine can cure swine flu
11 80% of the population depend on traditional medicine, WHO says
12 A Grand Ayurveda Research Project Begins
13 Exports of Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies and SPS Issues: A case study by WTO
14 Address at the WHO Congress on Traditional Medicine
15 Management of Fistula in ano by Ksharasutra
16 Leech therapy ‘cures’ paralysis, osteo-arthritis
17 Present Status of Ayurveda System in Nepal
18 Present Status of Traditional Medicine in Nepal
19 Discovering Cordyceps sinensis in Ayurveda
20 Ayurveda
21 Situation of Ayurveda in Nepal
22 Traditional Chinese Medicine and popular Herbs in Thiland
23 International Training TCDC in TCM
24 Ayurveda: Its Context and Propects In Nepal
25 Naradevi Ayurveda Hospital in the field of Ayurveda
26 Kutaj In Ayurveda: The Research based prescription
27 Traditional Medicine System in Nepal
28 Pronciple of Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Higher Altitude of Nepal
29 Research In Ayurveda: More Priority Required
30 Health Challenges Of 21st Century
31 Ayurveda And Nepal
32 Ayurveda and the issue of integration

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