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Ayurveda Doctors' Association-Nepal (ADAN) is a national organization of Ayurveda Physicians of Nepal. Ayurveda is a culture based health system of Nepal practiced since antiquity. This long tradition can be found in many different ethnic group and culture in our country. This is a national health system and officially practiced in Nepal. Academic history of Ayurvedic is also very old in Nepal. This organization (ADAN) is a legend of Ayurveda tradition of Nepal. This is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit making organization, registered in Kathmandu District Administrative Office (Registration no. 244) in 1997 (BS 2054). In this organization academically university qualified (at least five and half year university graduate) Ayurveda physicians can be registered as a member. So, the main objective of this organization is to gather professionals together, exchange and share their knowledge, enrich professional ethics, build capacity and plead for professional advocacy, rights and duties and provide services to the common people in Nepal.

S.N. Name
1    Dr Rishi Ram Koirala    President
2    Dr Shyam Mani Adhikari    Immediated past president
3    Dr Rajendra Kumar Giri    senior vice president
4    Dr Buddhi Prakash Regmi    vice president (FWR)
5    Dr Santosh Kumar Sharma    vice president (MWR)
6    Dr Laxmi Kanta Chapagain    vice president (WR)
7    Dr Ramesh Mishra    vice president (WR)
8    Dr Giri Raj Khatiwada    vice president (ER)
9    Dr Ram Chandra Adhikari     General Secretary
10    Dr Munkarna Thapa    Secretary
11    Dr Kopila Adhikari    Treasurer
12    Dr Shankar Prasad Poudel    Member
13    Dr Shraban Kumar Shrestha    Member
14    Dr Binod Sah    Member
15    Dr Madan Prasad Satyal    Member
16    Dr Bishun Dayal Prasad Patel    Member
17    Dr Ajaya Kumar Chaudhary    Member
18    Dr Narayan Shreshtha     Chief Editor

New executive members will be elected in every two-year.

Main Objectives of the organization:
1. To advocate the professional ethics, rights, duties and justice.
2. To promote skill and capabilities of Ayurveda practitioner by organizing scientific trainings, workshops and exchange programs.
3. To provide Ayurveda health services to common public within the country.
4. Sharing national and international experiences and net working.
5. To collect, cultivate and conserve the medical plants and bio-diversities.

General members:
1. One should have passed five and half years BAMS course from Nepal or India to be the general members of ADAN.
2. Besides these two countries’ product, others who have got the membership criteria can only be the honorable member.

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