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1.     First of all, sit in a comfortable flat surface with the legs stretching forward.
2.    Then fold the legs in such a way that the legs lie flat on the surface and the knees point laterally.
3.    Join the two heels with each other by the help of palms and try to fix them around the perineum.
4.    Vertebral column should be straight, chest out and stomach inside.
5.    Respiration should be properly maintained while performing this asana. While flexing the knee, inspire deeply for around 2 seconds, hold the breathe for around 6 seconds and then expire slowly while extending the knee.
6.    This process can be repeated 4-6 times.

1.  Lumbar region and joints of legs become flexible.
2. Genitals and surrounding muscles get massaged and     blood    circulation rises over there.
3. Patients of urinary and reproductive abnormalities are    benefited.
4.  Benefitial in impotency

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