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Patent Medicine

National Companies

Profile of various renowned national Ayurveda Companies, their product’s list

International Companies

Profile of various renowned Multinational companies and their products

Classical Medicine

Herbo-mineral Preprations

Rasa Rasayans are the drugs prepared by combination of herbs, minerals and metals

Wati or tablet preparation

Vati or pills are small spherical bodies containing dose of one or more medicinal agents.

Churna or Powder preparation

Churna or Powder is prepared from different part of herbs like: seeds, leaves and roots after they have been completely dried.

Fermented Preparations

They are alcoholic solutions containing all the active ingredients of the drugs of which they care compounded.

Ayurveda Medicine

The compendium of classical ayurveda medicine and New Ayurveda Drugs; a blender of traditional knowledge with modern technology and principles.

Sex and Ayurveda

Sex in Ayurveda, Natural and Herbal Aphrodisiacs for men and Women; Sex related problems and their management..

Ayurveda Blog

Ayurnepal Videos

Collection of best yoga, pranayam, Panchkarma and ayurveda videos, ayurveda news; learn step by step yoga...