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Diseases and Remedies

Different diseases on Ayurveda, their Remedies and self cure.

Home Remedies

Simple remedies, dietary measures without exposing to the dangerous side-effects and reactions of potent drugs.

Sex & Ayurveda

Sex has always been an issue of dichotomy. An integral part of our lives and essential for the continuation...

Beauty Tips

A complete Ayurveda approach to treat your skin, eye, hair, lip at home & some tips for natural beauty.

Herbs that Cure

Herbs have long held an important place in the
treatment of ailments....

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga rejuvenates the body & soul, enhances concentration, cures diseases and keeps a hold on the aging process...

Ayurveda Blog

Recent News

No Market For Medicinal Plant in Bhutan
Friday, 15 January 2010
The manu ruta and shaba ruta fields in Ura are dry. The plants have withered under the freezing temperature. But below the ground, roots of the... Read more...

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